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The Adventures of Meadowlark and His Passion for Golf


Meadowlark, a big-hearted, tiny bird, is different—but you can’t tell by looking at him. With feathers as golden as the sparkling sun and deep blue eyes that remind you of the sea, he certainly resembles his brothers and sisters. And like all birds, Meadowlark loves to sing. But unlike the other birds living in the valley near a golf course called Somerset Pines, Meadowlark is fascinated by the game of golf and is determined to learn how to play.

Meadowlark shares this desire with his mother, but she tells him golf is for people, not birds. Without his mother’s support, or the support of any of the birds or other creatures in the valley (some even laugh at him), Meadowlark’s dream seems impossible.
Undaunted, Meadowlark heads into the woods, where he searches for the “objects” he needs to play golf: a stick (golf club) and a small, round white object (golf ball). To his dismay, finding these objects is not easy, especially the “golf ball.” It drops and rolls into a hole marked by a red flag, after people hit it with a “golf club.” Eventually, Meadowlark comes across a suitable stick to use. He tries hitting a pinecone, then an acorn, with disastrous results. Angry and frustrated, he stomps on what appears to be the perfect object: a small, gray pebble.

Now Meadowlark is ready to play golf. But golf takes skill—something Meadowlark lacks. Although he makes progress as he hits his pebble and moves it closer to the hole, Meadowlark becomes frustrated when the pebble rolls into a pond. Discouraged, Meadowlark doubts that he will become the special bird who not only learns how to play golf, but teaches other birds how to play.

While a disheartened Meadowlark ponders his fate, Ally, a 14-year-old girl who plays on the Somerset Pines golf course every day, makes a flawless shot that whizzes over Meadowlark’s head. Ally’s shot gives Meadowlark an idea and hope: He will learn how to play golf by watching and mimicking Ally. So day after day and season after season, Meadowlark models Ally. Within a few years, he is as skilled as the best golfers who play at Somerset Pines until, sadly, he no longer needs Ally to be his model.

Full of confidence, Meadowlark flies off to teach the other birds in the valley how to play golf. Although some are reluctant, once they try, they are surprised not only by their ability to play, but how much they enjoy playing. With their new skills, the birds follow in Meadowlark’s footsteps by showing more and more birds how to play golf. Pleased and proud, Meadowlark proves that nothing is impossible to accomplish or more rewarding than teaching other birds how to play and enjoy golf.


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