The Adventures of Meadowlark and His Passion for Golf  by Judith Tilton and Jake Magaldi

The Adventures of Meadowlark and His Passion for Golf, written by Judith Tilton and her Grandson Jake Magaldi received some media attention recently with a beautiful write up on the unique writing process of the book published on Here’s some of what they had to say:

The book’s authorship is something unique, Magaldi believes: “I just think the idea that a grandmother and grandson wrote a book, I think that’s a very touching thought and I hope that encourages people to pick the book off the shelf and read it.”

Magaldi said that while growing up in Montclair, he’s always had his grandmother, who he referred to as “Nana,” within a 2-minute drive or right next door.

“We just do a lot together. I’m always the person they call when they need a little help with something. And they’re always the first ones we call when we’re having a barbecue in the summer. And I think it just says a lot about how close we are as a family,” he said.

“Family is the one core thing in your life that keeps you rooted, like a tree,” his grandmother said.

“It couldn’t be more special to see my mother and my son work together,” observed Magaldi’s mom and Schumacher-Tilton’s daughter, Maggie. “It was very special and something they always have together. A book is forever.”

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