The Adventures of Meadowlark
and His Passion for Golf

by Judith Tilton and Jake Magaldi
Illustrated by Kate Tortland

About The Book Authors

Jake Magaldi, a New Jersey high-school student, has always had tremendous enthusiasm for learning and writing, combined with a passion for the outdoors and the world around him. In his free time, Jake enjoys playing golf with friends and family, including his grandmother, Judith Tilton.   READ MORE

Judith Schumacher-Tilton is president of Schumacher Chevrolet Auto Group, New Jersey’s largest volume Chevy dealer, with locations in Clifton, Denville, and Little Falls. She is the recipient of multiple awards for her leadership roles in business, in her industry, and in the community she serves.

This book began with a “little seed” planted by Judi and came to life through Jake’s creative writing. Because of their love for each other and the game of golf, this grandson/grandmother author team helped that little seed to blossom into a beautiful story about a little bird, Meadowlark, and his passion for golf. Meadowlark’s goal is to learn to play golf and share his knowledge and joy for the game with all the other birds.  READ MORE

About The Book

Meadowlark, a big-hearted, tiny bird, is different—but you can’t tell by looking at him. With feathers as golden as the sparkling sun and deep blue eyes that remind you of the sea, he certainly resembles his brothers and sisters. And like all birds, Meadowlark loves to sing. But unlike the other birds living in the valley near a golf course called Somerset Pines, Meadowlark is fascinated by the game of golf and is determined to learn how to play.   This is his story.

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Judith Schumacher-Tilton at Little Falls Woman’s Club Lunch

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